Nortelar entered the real estate market in 2018, with the opening of its first agency in Póvoa de Varzim. The company´s concept was born from the need of its partrners to embrace an ambicious project within the real estate industry, aiming at a common goal. 
This synergy culminated in the creation of the brand Nortelar, whose name reveals its main operation location - "Norte", that in portuguese means "North", related to the North of Portugal - as well as the descriprion of the company´s performance and services - the search and sale of a home that meets the specific needs of each client.
Currently, Nortelar has branches across the country, materializing the opening of its second agency in Vila Nova de Famalicão in 2019, and also extens its activity internationally with strategic partnerships in Spain, France and in the PALOP countries.

"To provice an excellent service, we have to add something that cannot be bought or measured for the value of money, and that is sincerity and integrity" - Douglas Adamns .


We seek to stand out and add value in the real estate market, create positive experiences with customers and employess, provide personalized and excellent services, providing a unique experience to each client according to their needs. For this, we have a multipurpose team specialized in several areas, namely Civil Engeneering, Management, Marketing and Communication.



In an increasingly globalized market, we are distinguished by the proximity and consultancy service, acting under values of professionalism and demand, with the main goal of guaranteeing the customer´s satisfaction.


Nortelar acts under certain values such as:

  • Professionalism;
  • Accuracy and effectiveness;
  • Requirement;
  • Understanding and empathy;
  • Social Responsability and Ethics;
  • Quality.



  • Satisfy the costumer´s needs in the search and sale of real estate;
  • Create positive experiences with employees and customers and add value to the real estate industry, striving for excellence and efficiency in the provision of services;
  • Act accordingly to the brand´s values of ethics and social responsability in the community in which we operate.
Our Team